I am implementing change control throughout our organisation and would like to Police this.  By this I mean ensure Change Management processes are followed.

Has anyone used Kaseya to monitor for system changes.  And how do you do it??

I want to have Kaseya capture all:

  • App Installs
  • Patches applied
  • Registry changes
  • File changes in System folders
  • Machine restarts

The idea is to use Kaseya to collate a list and filter against approved changes, leaving only the unapproved changes for the Change Manager to have to follow up.

I realise that some of the above (like registry changes) happen all the time as part of the OS and will need to filter some of these out as normal operation of a system.

I also realise that some are unavoidable.

But I do want to drive a culture of Change Management through the business and that cannot be done successfully without regularly assessing compliance of our policies.

You never know,  This may even find weaknesses in our security lockdown policies where users are making unauthorized changes on their systems. 

How do you know, if you're not actively checking?