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Best Practice for Patch Managment

  • Hello All,


    I am 6 months old..a novice admin of Kaseya..

    We have a large number patch failures in our Kaseya..Can anyone share His/her ideas about Best Patch management process..

    Like what patches need to be approved any specific policies??

    Thanx in advance

  • (Sorry, misclick)

    I wrote a big long spiel about how our company handles patch management.



    Might help.

    The biggest PITA is running through the initial updates, as (from what I understand) they are required before patch management will actually take effect.  Some patches have a "Click OK for no valid reason" button at the end, some error out, and the end result is I run through 20-40 IUs / night, monitoring systems to see what fails / what goes through, VNC'ing into failed systems to click OK / rebooting / cancelling the IUs before users get back to the systems and they go through a rapid-rebooting nightmare.

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  • Its seems nice in first view....I am reviewing it

    Thanx a lot...