Just thought i would impart what I figured out and that come up again yesterday at my office regarding Set Credentials and the Password length limitation.

From some testing I found that the Set Credentials has a 14 character length limitation, I first ran into this issue last year as my employer is very paranoid about Security and wanted a minimum password length of 20 characters but if I recall correctly wanted me to use a password of 40 characters.

At the time I checked the Kaseya Help documentation but could not find any reason why the Agent Credentials would not accept the 40 character password I was asked to use. I then recalled a Microsoft article I read about password security and maximum password length in DOS, and the optimal password length being 14 characters. So I tried 14 characters and it worked fine and then tried 15 characters and it failed, confirming my theory.

There might be a way around the 14 character limitation however that is something that will have to wait for another time :)