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Hello to all

  • Aloha everyone,

    My name is Matt and I just started with a new company today that uses Kaseya. I's my first time using a system like this and I wasted to know if what would be the best first resources to get aquainted with. I'll be doing mainly ticketing, as well as creating some scripts to rollout managed patches and such. Please feel free to post any links to information that ya'll (yes I did just type "Ya'll") feel I should focus on first.

    Thank you all

    -Matthew Willis

  • Welcome Matt!  The Scripts and Agent Procedures Forum is great place to find amazing agent procedures.  Also check out the Knowledge Exchange  for more scripts and agent procedures, monitor sets etc.  The media gallery also has a lot of overview videos that may be helpful to get your feet wet.

    We have a great group of people here that I'm sure will help you out.   

  • Thank you for the quick reply. I shall check those resources and get my learning started.