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How Often to Audit?

  • We currently run the Latest Audit daily, and the Baseline and System Info audits monthly (but on different days). We also run the patch scan once a week. We have about 3000 agents spread across the US, with T-1 connectivity to each location (I don't know if that's considered low or high bandwidth anymore :). What I am wondering is, how often do most groups run their audits?  What would be considered the best practice as far as auditing goes?



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  • We do servers audits daily early in the morning and workstations once a week scattered through the timeline.  Patch scans are run weekly on all machines, servers early in the morning and workstations spread out.  We have *lots* of connections, mostly using ADSL lines and we have a 20Mb two way connection at the data centre which can get busy but we've still got room for more client machines.

  • We used to run daily audits but found that not much was changing from day to day.  So we switched to a weekly audit.  Most of our clients have ADSL.  As for bandwidth we've got a 100Mb line to our place (a benefit of being on the same floor as our provider), so we've got plenty of wiggle room.  What we did find is that we could crush our clients if we weren't careful when we ran the audits.  Normally we run the audits in the early morning or late nights depending on things like patch management schedules and other mantenance routines that we've got going on for them.