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VSA Performance

  • I am trying to get some feedback on typical vsa performance particularly when using the web interface to perform common functions. I am aware of some of the issues with IE performance with some of the Kaseya programming elements but wanted to find out if others experience similar results. We have dedicated web server running SQL 2008 R2 on VMWARE with 2 virtual processors and 5 GB's of memory. Our SQL Server is running SQL2008 x64 although not dedicated to Kaseya only performs extremely well for other applications and I have 3 virtual processors and 12 GB's of memory and we have gigabite connect across the entire infrastrucure. Compared to many customers we have a small system with approximately 80 agents across 2 subnets with a few agents outside the network.  Here is what I experience when using IE8 on a Windows 7 x64 machine with a good bit of power:

    • I can quickly load the Kaseya homepage and login screen and even login is fairly quick.
    • Older modules such as Agent and system load fairly quickly
    • New or revamped modules such as agent procedures, monitors, sevice desk are very slow to navigate.
      • Click On the module and the right side of the screen often remains blank for 5-10 seconds and slowly loads
      • Applying Actions such as scheduling a procedure take a long time to apply and refresh the screen.
    • Processing data messages for several seconds on what would seem to be simple actions

    Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and if so have you had any success in reducing or eliminating them? Are there any IIS, SQL, or Server OS tweaks that improve performance? I have seen many say that using Firefox or Chrome speeds up the user interface a bit but I don't really see enough improvement that I would use them instead of IE when all of the functionality is not 100% compatible.

    Appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

  • In my experience the generally accepted rule is that the components your are referring to are slow to varying degrees for everyone.  I have a very grunty virtual server as well and it doesn't matter how much resources I give it, its always about the same.   The problem is all the java technologies that are used are slow on the browser end.  

    IE's java engine is really poor/slow.  So other browsers work faster but cant have limited support.  The best option i have found is to use the "google frame" (code.google.com/.../chromeframe) which installs the Chrome java engine into IE.  this makes it quite a bit faster but still allows you to use IE.  Also, make sure your workstations is as healthy and fast as possible because this seems to be where the slowness occurs.

    Hope this helps.

  • Any idea if there are plans to improve the horrible performance Java is providing?