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Some kind of database cleanup??

  • Hey everyone, I've been noticing some discrepancies with our reports. We seem to be getting inaccurate information at times which is really killing our faith in Kaseya. Nothing is quick because we  always have to double check our information to make sure its correct. Obviously this is really annoying. I'm curious if there is some kind of "database cleanup" that I can perform. Database cleanup might be the wrong way of putting it but i need to know if there is anything I can do to resolve these issues.

    An example I can use is we ran a report for patches. We found one computer with 100% uptime thats missing like 40 patches. Concerned and baffled by this, we check the agent manually and it's last checkin time was July 17th.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Rshaw,

    What type OS is the machine? If it's a workstation with 8 or 10 it could be that fast startup is enabled. Then the reboot time is not set correclty.