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Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question.  Please send me in the correct direction if it is not.

We are running 9.4 and getting ready to virtualize our Kaseya environment.  Are there any guidelines that should be followed for high availability?  We are planning to put this on an shared enterprise SQL box and virtualize into VMware.  Are there any additional Kaseya licensing considerations we have to be concerned with?



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  • When you say High Availability, what are you planning exactly?

    Kaseya itself doesn't support a traditional HA model (i.e. two or more K servers) - there is no database integrity checking to prevent issues.

    I imagine Kaseya could use an SQL cluster as it's DB back end without any issues, however, as the cluster is transparent to Kaseya.

  • I would imagine the HA bit is a non-factor, it sounds like what you're doing is virtualizing it in an HA VMware system, in this case as Craig pointed out, Kaseya doesn't know or care it lives in an HA environment.  HA in VMware doesn't run as a true synchronous setup though, it's merely just a failover to another host in the event of a problem with the original host the VM is on.  So there isn't two instances of the VSA running at the same time, there isn't any licensing considerations to worry about.  

    However, as your post is about "Best Practices," running Kaseya on a shared SQL box I know is not a recommended practice, the install guides all reference this should be a dedicated instance of SQL.  That said, I'm not all that familiar with enterprise SQL, if this is something designed to be shared, it's possibly not as much of an issue.  However, you will get a warning each time you try to do an install or patch that says other DB's are present on the SQL server, but I believe this warning is "yellow" and won't prevent your installation from continuing.  

    Ultimately whether or not you want a dedicated SQL server comes down to the number of agents on your Kaseya platform, Kaseya has a guide for scaling up a VSA based on how many agents you intend to connect to it.  


    Clarified in the end of the first paragraph that in an HA environment, there aren't two instances of the VSA running.
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