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How do I clean up the tempData table in the ksubscribers SQL database?

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Today nobody was able to login to Kaseya, so I looked back at a ticket I had once opened with support where the tech had cleaned up the tempData table which allowed us to login again.  The only info he gave I will paste below.  My question is, does anyone know how to write an SQL query that does exactly what was done to fix our login issue?  I'm looking for a best practice, so if this is just a bandaid, I'm open to suggestions on how to prevent login issues in the future.

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    If you are unfamiliar with the tables and SQL, I highly advise against editing your database directly. This can cause irreparable damage if done incorrectly.  I recommend you open a ticket with Kaseya Support (helpdesk.kaseya.com and select "Submit a Ticket").  If no one is able to log in, this may qualify as a Severity 1 level issue.  You can review the section on "Severity Levels" to determine if this would be considered a Sev1.  Upon submitting a ticket, please be sure to include all relevant detail, including when you were last able to log in successfully/when the issue began, any error message being presented, or the behavior you are seeing.  

    A few things you could try to help narrow down the issue:

    --Attempt to login from a different browser and/or after clearing cache/history of your preferred browser (and/or -incognito/inprivate)

    --Attempt to login from a machine on the same network as your Kaseya server

    --Attempt to login to the VSA from the Kaseya server itself

    --If you have some VSA accounts which are Domain-based and others which are stand-alone, test at least one of each type.  Perhaps domain accounts are not able to login but stand-alone accounts are (or vice versa).

    --Test whether there is a difference for Master users vs. non-Master users.  Can one group access VSA while the other cannot?

    If you are experiencing a repeating issue, there may be some other underlying cause that needs to be addessed.  Support should be able to investigate to determine if there is sufficient information to determine Root Cause.  Including the results of the above could be very helpful to the support team.

  • Brande,

    The issue is not on the client side.  In the previous ticket where the Kaseya support tech was able to resolve the issue for me (ticket #137065), he also had me run a bunch of sql queries to help make our database run better and shrink the size down.  So I'm familiar with running SQL queries within management studio, but just wanted to know how the "clean up" on the tempdata table was executed previously.  And I always backup my database before doing anything that could potentially damage it.  I did however open a new ticket this morning regarding this, so I will wait to see if I hear back from anyone.  Thanks for getting back to me.


  • Unfortunately I'm going on 3 days now without a response from support.  How do I bump this issue up to a severity A since none of our techs can currently login?  I just replied to the ticket as well.

  • Hi  

    I have escalated and adjusted the "Severity" field of your ticket to indicate a Severity 1. This will indicate your system is down. Support usually reaches out within 1-2 hours of a severity one issue.

    Let me know if you do not hear anything on this.



  • @knewson, did you preform the DB maintance Kaseya recommend it help us with many tables on the database link: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../98809758-How-To-Database-Maintenance