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Upstream Kaseya Power Pack just got updated

  • We love chocolate! Upstream Kaseya Power Pack just got updated! New sweet stuff for your automation tastebuds. Let's meet at KaseyaConnect 2018 and talk anything nerdy. en.upstream.se/.../upstream-power-pack

    [edited by: Ronny Tunfjord at 4:56 AM (GMT -7) on May 4, 2018]
  • Thanks Ronny, you guys rock!

  • Ronny Where is the download link.. I can't seem to find it.. See you at Connect friend!

  • Buster, you have to register on our mailing list to get the download link. I know you are registered and have been for a long time. You should have recieved a email today with the download link. If not, register here once more: go.upstream.se/guide-eng-power-pack

  • And yes Buster. See you at Connect.

  • Happy to help.

  • Ronny.. I had a blonde moment.. I checked my email and it was there.. lol. thanks.. Cheers