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Kaseya on premisses or Cloud based?

  • Hello everybody, 

    I am curious about what you think the best choice is?
    Kaseya has been used by me on premisses for over 6 years now.

    I have done a lot of development in dashboards and reporting (That I think Kaseya could do better)
    But is development in Kaseya still a possibility when you would have it in the cloud?

    And if so, do you conect a platform like salesforce or autotask to it?
    And do you like how that works?

    Hope to get a lot of responses.


    Arnold den Boer



  • I would go with on-prem for sure. We use the cloud solution and performance is horrible - almost unusable. Tried from several locations so I know it's not just me. Some days are worse than others, but typically takes 10-15 seconds  navigating between pages in web interface.

  • I'm a bit behind the power curve here but as a new SaaS customer, but I concur with tghette - stick with on premise.  I was expecting much better performance (noted by tghetti) and reporting capability.  The sales rep bragged on the new reporting and I find it lacking.  Having the database available for my own reporting would have allowed me to build my own reporting.

  • We have on-premise for almost 5 years. Kaseya continues to standby On-Premise VSA, with development for both. I have posed the question to Don LeClair and he confirms Kaseya commitment to on-premise.

  • It seems like most people have on premise.  I have only had Kaseya for about 6 months but in that time I was told multiple times that saas is the future for Kaseya.  We were curious about on premise but were steered away from it to move to the saas.  Like crisdunn and tghette I agree that there is a slowness in performance with the web pages and connection times due to the saas and that speed does in fact vary from hour to hour.  

    I haven't had an opportunity to really work with autotask so I don't know how it would work with saas.  For security reasons you are not able to get to the actual system files of your saas server so because of that I would say autotask would not work with saas but I have never tried it.  It would be interesting for me to be able to use an on premise now that I have had a chance to work with saas.  Most of the people in my kaseya training classes had on premise as well.  Out of the 11 or 12 people in the training only 2 of us had saas.  

  • We're on-prem and have been so for a very, very long time.  On a somewhat related (but not threadjacking note (I created a new thread)), how are folks dealing with storage latency on the Kaseya database, and has anyone successfully run the on-premises version from the Amazon Web Services cloud?  http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/133/t/19631.aspx

    Again, not trying to threadjack, so on to my answer...

    I believe that we'll be on-premises for the foreseeable future, due to a combination of:

    • Direct database access
    • High level of automation, scripting, policies, etc...
    • AuthAnvil integration

    What I would love to see from Kaseya is a redundant solution for frontend server(s).  I could conceivably cluster the SQL server, but the frontend is the weakest link in the chain.  Architecturally, I understand why this isn't currently possible, but I'm also interested to see the "next generation" Kaseya and where it's headed in this regard.

  • Anyone running Traverse on Premises ?