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Looking for machines with software NOT installed

  • How would I get a report of machines that do NOT have a specific exe file installed?



  • IN the view you can specify a MISSING application - same place to specify if the application exists on the agent, just choose the next box over for missing ...

  • Ah!  I didn't about creating a custom view.  Thank you...even better than a report.  Thanks again.

  • Taking this a step further, is there a way to use operators like OR? I tried doing entering "app1.exe OR app2.exe" and "app1.exe, app2.exe" and neither worked. I am trying to consolidate into a view that shows me all agents where either of these applications exist.

  • try "app1.exe" OR "app2.exe" instead

  • Not sure what the deal is, but Kaseya wipes out the field when I try to save with that syntax - using the OR operator. Pretty frustrating!

  • try AND NOT