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Audit not to be trusted

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Dear all,

More and more i receive information from agents which are not reliable. Data concerning CPU, memory, licenses, is not correct.

Customer X which has no connection tot Customer Y have the same Office License Key etc.

I already made a ticket for it, but so far no solution.

Does anyone out there have the same problem?? And if so, are there some solutions?

I learned from Kaseya that clearing the database could solve the problem but then we will lose all information off the clients.




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  • In your example of office, if Customer X and Customer Y both buy their compters from Dell that is the connection, it is also the reason why their office licenses are the same.  I have confirmed with both Dell and HP they use OEM Volume licnesing.  And thats why the License keys are often the same for MS Products,  I've also seen this for Adobe and other software.

  • Thats correct, but when CPU Family is AMD and CPU type is Celeron i am wondering what sort of tool we are using.

    Off course an AMD Celeron processor does not exist.

    Maybe my database is corrupt but deleting all data will delete my history also.

  • Perhaps try deleting the local agent cache file. I have a script which I run when I start to doubt the data being collected.

    Check for this file and delete it if it exists.

    %programfiles%\Kaseya\<your kaseya id>\appAuditCache.txt

  • Francois what version of Kaseya are you currently on?  The reason I ask is that 5.1 is terrible as far as reporting is concerned moslty due to it not understanding what makesa and models modern processors are.  As an example a Core II Duo gets reported as a P4, Windows 7 is reported as Vista.  We asked if it could be updated but were told that all development work on 5.1 has closed, I understand why, but this proves a real pain when sending reports to customers.

  • yes, we are having the same issue, we find out periodically the audit information is incorrect, it is concerning.  i made a ticket and was given a solution how to fix, here it is:

    - go toC:\Program Files\Kaseya\ on the affected machine(s)

    - delete file appAuditCache.txt

    - rerun both baseline; then system, then latest audit

    i wonder how much audit info is wrong that i don't know about.  awesome.