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KVM with Intel Vpro

  • Intel's latest vpro enabled i5 & i7 processors have a VNC server embedded on the processor chip that can be accessed when matched a vpro enabled motherboard. This new technology allows full kvm access to the machine and would be a valuable tool in Kaseya. Are there any plans to expand the vpro support?

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  • I'll second this one, the new chips looks impressive.

    Has anyone actually been able to VNC the vPro machines?

    It seems powershell, winrm, and specific VNC versions are required on the host machine for this to actually work.


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  • I've successfully VNC'd into a VPro enabled machine on our network, however not using Kaseya -- our version of VNC wrapped into Kaseya is RealVNC 4.0 - the VPro protocol (to my understanding) only became available in RealVNC 4.1; I was able to connect using the RealVNC Plus viewer (demo mode) from their website.  It works, but it doesn't work with Kaseya quite yet..  The LAN Watch option picks up the VPro machines, but I've yet to see what else it can do.