K2 has been officially released for almost 3 weeks. We are well into the controlled release process. License codes have been upgraded in steady batches of randomly selected customers, and customers that have requested an immediate upgrade usually received the upgrade within 24 hours.

To date, there have been 2832 licenses upgraded with 988 upgrades performed. There is an average of 50 customers per day performing an upgrade.

A majority of the customers who have upgraded are running just fine. Customers that have had issues generally fall into two categories, data conversion or readiness.

For the data conversion issues, these are instantly escalated to our engineering team. These usually get resolved as quickly as possible (within a couple hours). Once resolved, we have been posting a hotfix to insure that the problem does not happen again. Why do these happen? Just about everyone has a different environment with different variables. Although our beta test and early controlled release customers provided a lot of information, invariably new permutations appear.

The readiness issues are typically those where a step or two has been missed or shortcuts were taken in preparing for the upgrade. These usually include:
• Failure to turn off anti-virus during the update (this is standard for any
product install)
• Not enabling reporting services
• Locked files needing a simple system reboot

To assist with the readiness issues, we are scheduling a series of twice-weekly webinars to review the entire upgrade process, know issues, common issues and how to avoid issues.
These will begin this week. Customers that have not yet performed the upgrade will be receiving e-mails to invite them to attend the webinars.

We will record all the webinars and provide links so that you may view them as necessary.

We will continue to provide updates and recorded informational videos that can be viewed as needed. Visit http://blog.kaseya.com to see the links to all things Kaseya.

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