With windows server 2008, we no longer get the nice drop-down to select the domain we want to log on to. Instead we have to enter domain\username every time.

The big problem with this is that every time I RDP to a different server, my local RDP client remembers the username, including domain, from the last server i logged on to. This is cumbersome.

I propose Kaseya generates a different loop-back address unique to each agent. This way, RDP will remember the username you used last time you connected to that IP address, which will mean subsequent visits to that server should sort out the username automatically.

Alternatively, if we could specify somewhere in Kaseya the desired username for a particular agent which is then passed to the RDP client, this could work as well.

NOTE: I have not put much effort into testing the loop-bakc theory. However, if it works, there's plenty of loop-back addresses there to use so this could work quite eassily.

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