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    Dear Kaseya Customers:

    Many of our customers have been anticipating BUDR updates for some time and I am happy to announce our release plans over the remainder of 2010. This release schedule is based on very encouraging changes in they way Acronis does business. Specifically, Acronis' policy was to have OEMs, like Kaseya, operating on earlier releases than Acronis' current product-line. This led to inevitable delays in getting a release out. Together with the feature deficiencies in those prior releases and the problems associated with maintenance of multiple code branches, one for the current customers and another for the OEMs, one can see that it left the OEM and the OEM's customers in an unsatisfactory situation. Acronis is pulling out all stops to move its OEMs to the current code branch, meaning we will be shipping current Acronis code. We applaud Acronis' new management for this move. It bodes well for the Kaseya Echo based systems.

    As a result, Kaseya is planning to make an update of BUDR available in July 2010. This update, BUDR 3.2 will include a new Acronis Echo 9.7 build that fixes VSS issues that have affected many of our customers. This VSS fix is a port of the VSS module from Acronis ABR10. Additionally included is 'official support' for Windows 7 & Windows 2008 Server R2.

    Kaseya is also planning a major upgrade of BUDR for Q4 2010. This update, BUDR 4.0 will include Acronis ABR10, thanks to Acronis moving us to the current code. Among those new fixes, customers can expect the aforementioned VSS and Windows platform updates as well as fixes for a folder and file limitation issue in the Acronis Echo 9.7 platform. The improved reliability and performance of Acronis ABR10 will be a welcome upgrade, advancing the power of BUDR.

    Kaseya's relationship with Acronis is now on very strong ground. You can expect new updates from Acronis will be integrated into BUDR and made available to our customers in a much more timely fashion in the future.

    Look forward to further communications from Kaseya regarding these and other updates related to BUDR.


    Mike Sheffey
    VP Data Assurance

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  • Mike

    Thanks for the update, that is great news.

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