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Consolidate event alerts:

  • I had this feature in my last monitoring program and I think it would be beneficial in Kaseya.

    Currently if the same event id happens X times in a day, we recieve X alarms reduced only be the re-arm function.
    Rather than display 5 seperate alarms for say and event 9156, or supress multiple alerts in a time period that may be an indicator of something becoming more severe, I would suggest the following:

    Kaseya should have a consolidate option to appear as 1 alarm. The alarm should include the date/time the event alarm was created and the last date time it re-occured with the total number of occurences in that range:

    For example: Application Alert Event ID 9158 - Created:11:06:40 pm 3-Dec-08 -Last:07:16:00 am 4-Dec-08 - No. of Occurences: 5

    This would reduce alert spamming while giving us a good feedback on alerts that are re-occuring frequently.

    Currently we only can control the quantity with the Re-Arm function but that misrepresents how many times an alarm may be repeating itself.

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  • We do something similar now, but we are doing it with SQL Reporting and Kaseya Vews. We have a report that sub totals all events by machine and type and sorts by the most common. We have another report that totals by just machine to what machine has the most event and another by just type to see what our common events are.

    Since all this information is available, I'm wondering what Kaseya direction is on customing reports. Is this something we need to continue to do in SQL Reporting or is there a way to add to their standard reports?

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