Hello all,

As a follow up to the email you received last week:

We have received overwhelming response to the Kaseya Holiday email sent last week. Thanks for your enthusiasm and response! In the email, you were referred to a document in the Kaseya Customer Portal. If you have not signed into the portal or viewed the document, please do so now. Once in the portal, view the Kaseya 2 Overview in the document repository under Kaseya Products and Services.

All requests for inclusion in the Controlled Release Program must come in the form of a ticket that is entered from within the Kaseya Customer Portal. This is the only request that will receive a response and placed in the queue. All other requests for the K2 Controlled Release Program will not receive a response.

Currently the K2 Controlled Release Program is full. All requests will be processed in the order received and you will be contacted upon selection. Please do not contact sales or support regarding your request for the K2 Controlled Release as they will not be able to assist you.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from your friends at Kaseya!

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