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Ticket Time Reporting

  • This request is actually for two features. THe first is to have a time field for each note added to a ticket. This would allow for a group of admins to work on a single issue, and each submit their time individually. Each of the time entries in the notes should be added and the total time on the ticket should be a reflection of this total, not a manually edited field.

    The second part is to have a way to run a report against a particular customer group totaling the time spent during a specified period. This report should have selction options to selct the individual technician, or all technicians.

    I can do some of this now, but only outside of Kaseya. The process is a pain and requires a lot of manual work that would be eliminated with the two options above.

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  • We do something like this now, a little outside of Kaseya but provides the same functionality. You might wait a long time for Kaseya to do something as I've seen no improvements to the ticketing system in a while.

    1) We've added a "Hours Worked" field to the tickets. All of the techs use this to log tickets, but have to do it incrementally. (eg. they need to add their time to what is already there.)
    2) The system automatically creates a hidden record that shows time that was changed. (eg. from 0 hrs to 2 hrs)
    3) Our report to the customer has the total time on a ticket. We do not provide who may have a done a portion of the work, we provide only who is responsible for the ticket.
    4) We have an SQL report that use KaseyaViews to read through the tickets, look at the hidden notes and calculates how much time each tech spent.

    For us it gives us a better view on how much time are techs are logging.

    Certainly would like Kaseya to provide something better, but I prefer to "do it" rather than "wait for it".

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