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Remote control type options

  • I am constantly "fighting" with other users in Kaseya on the remote control type for various servers. For instance, i will set it to Terminal Server, because it's much faster. Then, a couple of days later, i will come back to RC the same server, and someone has switched the type to VNC, so i have to go swithc it back, again.

    Here is my idea:

    In the Remote Control tab, have a feature so that I could hover my mouse over the server name, and be given a pop-up with options on it for remote control of that server. Terminal Server, VNC, FTP, etc...

    And, there could still be a default type, so that i can just click on it without waiting and it will just use the default.


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  • I log into several computers across the network. I would like the remote tab to have check boxes so that I can just select the computers I want and they will all open up.

    That way a person would not need to remote to each one separately.


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