Dear All
The hard work continues around the globe and the support group has again shown ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction levels throughout July.
Following our initial step change upon implementing tighter processes and review strategies, each percentage rise from now on requires additional focus and effort in order to both maintain and improve on the previous months results. I am delighted to report that improvements have been noted in each aspect of the survey with many of you sharing experiences and giving advice on where we should focus our efforts.
There has been a marked increase in your use of the KB, a resource we work hard on keeping current and I value your comments on how to better deliver knowledge out to the community.
With respect to a the results below, whilst good improvements have been seen in our response times at the specialist levels I am mindful that this continues to be a focal point in my plans.

1 Read support policy? 87.9%
2 Used the KB? 79.3%
3 Speed and accuracy of initial response 85.7%
4 Handling where further escalated 89.9%
5 Handled in a timely fashion 88.6%
a Support Reps were knowledgeable 91.4%
b You were given good advice 87.1%
c Reps were courteous 96.4%
d Reps communicated clearly 94.3%
e Given regular progress updates 90.0%

Aggregated satisfaction value 89.1%
Net Improvement 4.2%

Thanks once more to all those who took the time to complete our survey, I am confident that we will pass the 90% goal very soon, and be assured the work will not end there!. Please continue giving good levels of detail in your tickets, accompanied by steps to reproduce and screenshots as appropriate in order that we may provide the best support in the shortest time.

Best regards

Alan Davis
VP Global Product Services

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