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API Documentation?

  • I have read in a few different places that we now will have a web service based API to some core VSA functionality in the latest release. Is it there? Do we have an ETA on the documentation?

    On a side note/rant, I really hope that Kaseya will improve communications with it's customers .... and maybe get some of us to participate in a beta so new releases are not such a gamble in terms of going backwards vs forwards after an upgrade. I can say I got more information from press releases rather than directly from Kaseya this round and have been a little taken aback by the new "features".

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  • The API Documentation is in the new Kaseya documentation. It's weak to say the least. You will need to enable the webservice in your system (through the System tab) and then you can get to the web service.
    There are only a few items there that you can really make use of. It is plain to see the goal was to try and open the road for PSA integration, but I don't believe even what is there will be much more than a bumpy dirt road.

    As for your other hopes....We all share that dream.

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