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Bandwith Throttle Question

  • Hi,

    I have kaseya 5.1 and around 900 machines, and run daily scans and patching. We currently have an ADSL2 line with 13MB down, 900k up, however at certain points in the day our kserver uses about 650k of the upload and slows down our remote connection via VNC.

    I've not used the bandwidth throttle before in kaseya but am thinking of setting this at 150k which leaves plenty free. Before I do this does anyone else use this feature in Kaseya and what have you experianced with it? What percentage of your bandwidth do you throttle? Also did you have any draw backs from this?

    Thanks in advance


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  • How would you throttle this?

    as far as I know kaseya uses port 5721 (default) for all traffic. So if you throttle on this port, it would slow down remote control and other kaseya traffic....

    if you manage this amount of machines, wouldn't it be better to have more bandwith available?

    My K-server is located in a datacentre and I don't have any of this problems. Only thing I throttle is my offsite replication if needed. This is more needed not to use my clients upstream completely...

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  • Thanks for your reply but bandwidth thottling only does scripts and scans and monitoring, it doesn't affect the remote control kaseya support told me.

    Increasing the bandwidth is something I've already looked at already, but we are expanding and looking to move offices soon hence the reason why I don't want to start getting 12 month contracts right now and want to improve what I have got short term which bandwidth throttling should do.

    Anyone else used it before? please share you experiances but I test it out?



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  • We don't use Bandwidth Throttling, but are you sure that's what you want anyway? I'd say the first thing you want to look at is why your Kaseya Server is spiking bandwidth at certain points in the day.

    Is it the patching? Scripts? Something like that?

    The reason I ask is because throttling the bandwidth is a temporary measure -- it just extends the time that certain operations take so you're not running out of bandwidth. The more agents you add -- the longer time things take. It's not great for scaling.

    I'd say start with optimizing your bandwidth usage -- and it's likely your upload that's holding you back.

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  • Find out what is causing your large uploads and get that sorted.
    When things start to go slow you can look at scripts run over the past hour.
    This info is found in System. Statistics page.
    This area will also let you know your current Kserver bandwidth usage.

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