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Audits scanning network drives

  • Hi folks,

    I have probably had my head up my ass on this one for some time but I just discovered tonight that when an audit is run on a machine it audits the network drives on that machine too.

    Is this a correct analysis?

    On the basis that we have terrabytes of data this surely is going to take

    A. a very long time and resources and then also
    B. push a whole heap of data up to the server.

    Can I stop this

    Sorry if this is a stupid question.


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  • does not seem to be all machines..

    Which is even stranger.

    I did a view filter for any machine that had store.exe and a couple of workstations came up with it..

    So I thought maybe they had exchange tools on them but when I filtered the installed applications it is actually a network share where we keep service packs and cd's....

    crazy stuff..

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  • I've noticed the same, but am at a lost as to explain what is going on.

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