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TUTORIAL: How to clear the outbound mail queue

  • Once, I had disabled outbound email for a while and I had 20,000 emails in my System -> Outbound Email queue. No bueno.

    In order to clear this log, very fast, using SQL Management Studio, just truncate these tables, but, considerer creating a database backup before running the commands below:

    TRUNCATE TABLE emailstatus

    Then, run the following comamnd:

    DELETE FROM email

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  • 72,576 emails deleted.

    THANK YOU Smile.

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  • 151.563 emails deleted

    That tutorial works just fine, thanks for sharing it !!

    I was trying to delete all those emails via VSA, and every time it´s freeze the server or making it very slow.

  • Don't forget to delete also the table 'emailattachment' and 'emailStatus' at the same time.

  • Hi,

    For delete all message, is necessary delete first the alert, and verify the configuration the alert.


    Adriano Machado.

  • So this does not work in 6.3, anyone care to update this?

  • More specifically the emailstatus table no longer exists

  • I have a ticket open regarding this, CS149153

  • Nevermind, user error.

  • Can confirm: works good: also works in 6.5