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KaseyaViews Query Problem

  • Still kind of new to Kaseya and, consequently, I am still feeling my way somewhat. Unfortunately, I have run into a bit of a problem that I can't seem to get past.

    When attempting to perform a query against any of the views I have tried thus far, things go great so long as I provide a clear filter (full.group.name for example). I have also had some limited luck with partial wildcard filters (*.group.name for example). However, every time I try to do either a completely unfiltered or a full wildcard filter (*), I get no results. Is this a limitation of the view? Do I need to hit the database directly?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  • So the rest of the elements regarding this issue is that I was attempting to use a SharePoint 2010 Business Data Connector to perform the query and display the data in an External List. Attempting to view an unfiltered list produced a rather cryptic error that I had wrongfully assumed wa something to do with the view in the database.

    I looked at the view definition and even tried creating my own view as well as querying the DB directly all with the same result in SharePoint. Then I got smart and actually looked in the SharePoint log file (which I admittedly should have done long before now) only to find out the limitation was on the SharePoint side, not the Kaseya DB side. As luck would have it, out of the box the BDC limits the query connections to 1000000 bytes, or 2000 items. This limitation isn't exposed anywhere in the UI nor even via SharePoint Designer. The only ways to access the setting are via API or using PowerShell as outlined in this blog entry.

    I have changed the defaults and now the list renders perfectly.

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