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  • Has anybody every created an API logon procedure?

    on terminal servers it's not possible to display the tray icon. So users cannot double click on it to start KLC localy to create/manage tickets.

    I would like to create a script or webpage that logs on the machine automatically.

    i've been looking at Kaseya APIGUIDE and know this works:


    so basically what i would need is the following script

    username = get username from KaseyaD.ini
    password = get AgentPassword from KaseyaD.ini
    GUID = get Agent_Guid from KaseyaD.ini
    WEb_Server = get Web_Server_Name from KaseyaD.ini
    SessionId = generate sessionid through API (send username and pw)

    redirect to /KLC/LiveConnect.aspx?apiLogonGuid=&agentGuid=

    does anybody have an idea how to create this?

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  • You can display the tray icon in Terminal Services. You just need to add the "-remote" switch to the KUsrTsk.exe shortcut and put it in the All Users/Startup folder.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the reply but according to K support this is not an option.
    I can imagine this to work but this would also start a new instance of KaUsrTsk.exe for each user - which i think could lead to problems (ie with performance)

    do you run it like this in a live environment?

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  • No, I don't have this in a live environment on a terminal server. I have it in my test lab so when I RDP into my test XP boxes I see the icon.

    Yes, it would start a KaUsrTsk process for each user logged in, so it could become a memory issue, but the process is usually small. (The AgentMon process is usually the hog.)

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