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How to set (staff/contact) name from email submission

  • I am trying to set the contact name to be the person sending the email during the ticket request mapping procedure and cannot find a way to do so. It sets the submitter name to it automatically.

    The problem with this is when you manually open a ticket in service desk it sets the submitter name to who ever is logged in and opening the ticket. You can then add a staff/contact to the ticket as well. When a ticket is opened via an email reader the submitter name is populated with the person that sent the email and staff/contact is left blank.

    If I am sending an automated email response to a user to let them know that a ticket has been opened and when it has been closed than there is a problem. Do we sent to the [$StaffEmail$] or [$SubmitterEmailAddress$]. Obviously if it is a email reader ticket it is not going to have a staff entry, where if one of our help desk people opened the ticket then sending it to submitter is going to go to the help desk person and not the person the ticket is for.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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  • After the same, I think you can use the sub procedure to do this which is what I am working on, also in the closed ticket field I have selected StaffEmail as we are required to enter this information in to the system. So if a user sends an email then they get a ticket number. If we create a ticket we have to manually copy and paste email to the SubmitterEmailAddress. Also not sure how the sub procedure will work if we create a ticket manually?

    Will let you know how I go, and hope that made sense?


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