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Looking for a unique Diff Packager

  • Some years ago I used a software product that would snapshot a system before and after you performed a software installation to create an installation package -- a Diff Packager. There are quite a few out there today, including the KPackager. What I am trying to find is one that will record a snapshot before and after you perform an UNINSTALL and then create an installation package based on what you just removed. I used one close to a dozen years ago that was pretty effective. But I can't remember the name to see if they still exist or if there is some other product which can solve my problem.

    Does that strike a chord with any of you other gray-hairs out there? Has ANYONE run across such a product?

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  • The KPackager would do that.
    Just use it with an uninstall rather than an install.

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  • I did try it. It produced a very nice uninstall package, but it didn't give me the opportunity to reverse the actions and create an INSTALL package based on the changes which occurred during the uninstallation. That is what I am looking for.

    It may seem like a strange request, but here is the scenario. We are refreshing one or more older machines. The installed software is all legally licensed software but the customer is unable to find the installation disks. Perhaps it was preinstalled. Perhaps the company has moved and misplaced the media. Perhaps the original install disks were 3.5" floppies that are no longer readible. In one case the media was actually lost in a flood. Whatever the cause, we have the license info but no usable installation media.

    I need the tool from years past that would record the changes from an uninstallation and allow me to create a valid INSTALL package based on that uninstallation.

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