Hey gang,

I've got an event log set (called 'All Backup') which filters for any event with *backup* in the 'Source' field. So, it catches all events from NTBackup, Backup Exec, Backup Exec System Recovery, etc.

I have all my computers set to store 30 days of event logs, including all categories of events in the System and Application logs.

When I go to Agent -> Agent Logs and then select my server 'bigtime', it shows 3 events from yesterday when using the same filter as I set up in the 'All Backup' event set (*backup* in the 'Source' field).

However, when I run a Logs report on Event Logs, with Application event type, 'All Backup' event set selected, and all categories checked, then those 3 events from yesterday do not show up in the report (though entries before that do show up).

So, there's a disparity between the event log events stored in VSA and the event log events that show up in the report.

Does anyone know why? Anybody know how to fix this?

I'm on K2008.

Many thanks,


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