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Disable remote control by default

  • Hi,

    We would like to disable remote control by default for our customers.
    We want to make sure that the client does not introduce privacy issues for our clients.
    I've disabled the thumbnail in Live connect. but the remote management option is still available.
    I can only find threads on enabling disabled Remote support options. But we would like to disable remote support by default.
    Does anyone know how to perform that task?

    thanks in advance.

    Marco van Thiel
    LiQiT Services BV

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  • Sounds like you found the right post (http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/28/t/6650.aspx), but just need to reverse engineer it. In the second code box for the CMD file, change the registry key value to 0 to disable. You can also so this by directly changing the registry key value via a script.

    In either case you would want to have the script as part of your default install whether Template or Alert on New Agent Install.

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  • You can create an install package that installs the agent with the remote control disabled via agent/install agents/deploy agent. Create a new package and during the creation you can choose the command line options to have the install perform. One is to disable the remote control at install. The switch has been around since the early versions of Kaseya so it will work with Kaseya 5 as well.

    Switch Definitions:

    /x - Disables remote control after successfully installing the agent. This option is ignored when updating or re-installing. Remote control of this machine can only occur after the user selects Enable Remote Control by right clicking the K icon on the system tray.

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  • I've just had to disable the remote access functionality within Live Connect for policy reasons- if that's useful to anyone who finds this thread, then please visit:  community.kaseya.com/.../69589.aspx