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Windows Key Combinations

  • I can set my default settings for my system's RDP client to pass Windows key combos(eg Windows Key + R) for even windowed terminal sessions, but this does not take effect when I remote control a system using Kaseya. I do not see these options in the Local Resources section under "Set Parameters". Does anyone know of another way to do this? Is there a registry key or configuration file Kaseya uses on my client to change the options for mstsc?

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  • Are you running the remote desktop connections in full screen mode or windowed mode? I have found that the key strokes do not pass through unless you are in full screen mode. I do not have time to look up if there is a way around it, but that is what I have seen.

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  • off the top of my head, these are the shortcuts that I normally use

    ctrl+alt+end == ctrl+alt+delete
    Shift-alt-tab == Alt-PageDown
    ctrl+alt+break OR ctrl+esc== full screen toggle
    alt+home == windows key
    ctrl+alt+numberPad(+) == screenshot of entire desktop (rdp desktop)
    ctrl+alt+numberPad(-) == screenshot of active window (in rdp session)
    alt+insert == toggle programs (same as alt+tab)

    I don't recall if there is one specifically to fire the run dialog, but that doesnt mean there isn't one.

    EDIT:: It's odd that this post appears just not... I just tried to use win+r in a windowed session... I think this may become a mission for me...

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  • I know there are alternates to my Windows key shortcuts, but I am looking to avoid them. Yes I use windowed mode; it does work in full screen mode but I am commonly in multiple servers and my three screens are jsut not enough. When I use windowed outside of Kaseya, I am able to use my Windows key combinations as it is a setting i nthe "Local Resources" tab of the Default.rdp file. I was worndering if it is possible to do in Ksaeya. I believe each rdp file is generated by the server. If it is based on some template, I would like to know how to modify that. It may just be an asp script that runs, I will try to find it and modify it if possible. Hopefulyl someone else is more informed.

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