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Monitor Dell Servers / OpenManage

  • The most important thing I need to get working in Kaseya is to monitor all my clients Dell PowerEdge Servers. I read the following posts on this forum, and they sort of talk about how to do it, but not enough specifics.



    I want to be able to monitor RAID Status, CPU Temps, Fans, etc.

    So far I have configured the SNMP service within Windows 2003 to have the community name as public and the trap destination as the server with the Kaseya client configured for SNMP. I also added the community name public to Dell OpenManage and configured a destination there too.

    But I have had NO luck getting any of my servers to show up in the list of available SNMP devices in Kaseya.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.

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  • Just install the Dell Open Manage software and configure alerts in there, it will write events to the Windows event logs.

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  • If you have dell open manage installed it should write events to the event log with the source being 'system administrator'. Just set up an event set in Kaseya to monitor for these. Just put * in all the fields and 'system administrator' in the source field. Set it to alert/email on Errors and Warnings.

    Has worked pretty well for us.

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