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Create Filter based on Installed Services

  • Has anyone done something similar? I'm looking to create a machine group filter that will show me machines with "x" process or service running so I can manipulate them in a particular way.

    For example, I want to apply a monitor set to all WINS servers without having to sort through my list of managed devices for servers that I know are running WINS. Or DNS. Or DHCP. Etc.

    I see that I can create filters for specific applications (such as dns.exe), but it also includes machines that may have had the DNS service installed/running at one time but no longer do, machines that have the media stored on them, machines that have certain support tools on them, another totally unrelated file with the same name, and so on. Not very helpful.

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  • This thread talks bout this: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/132/t/8146.aspx

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