I need to run a SQL query against the Kaseya database. What I need is the scheduling information for a script.

If I click on the Scripts tab then, in the left pane under Scripts, I click on a script I then get my systems listed according to my selected view in the right pane. From there I can schedule scripts to run at some point in the future, using several different parameters. For example,

Next Scheduled Run
Recurring Interval
12:00:00 am 10-Oct-09
7 Day

I need to regularly run audit reports to make sure thay my technicians are using the correct parameters, according to company policy. For example, are they are always using Skip If Offline, etc.

So, I need a SQL query that will return the above information in a text file format. From there, I can write a report using that file as input.

Please don't say Crystal Reports, etc. The K-Server is across the country and is locked down by a firewall so I can't use something like that. The best I can do is ask someone who has physical access to the K-server to run a SQL query for me once a week or so.

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