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Monitor if File Date/Time Stamp Changing

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    I have an application that is dumping a backup file. I am grabbing the file with a backup but that doesn't tell me if the file is actually getting dumped. I want to monitor if the file's date/time stamp is older than say 3 days. What is the best way to do that with Kaseya? Would I do it with a script that I schedule and run daily? Suggestions appreciated!


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  • not sure of your exact requirements, but one of the "get variable" script steps will return a last mod date. You could simply pass this to an email.

    Alternatively, I've posted a VBS script here http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/28/t/6276.aspx which writes to a text file log if last mod date is older than x days. Combined with a "get file" and "alert if changed" step to receive an email.

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