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Video Streaming to Vista x64 machines

  • Not sure if anyones already answered this and I just didnt see it, however I cannot use the Video Streaming feature to access any Vista x64 workstations. I have successfully been able to use the Video Streaming feature, set to use K-VNC, to access XP and Vista 32-bit workstations, however when trying to perform the same operation on a Vista x64 workstation it claims to have connected, I can see that vnc has loaded and that the service has started, however after a minute or two it disconnects itself and sends the user a messages saying that the administrator has ended the session. I have disabled the A/V software and firewall on the client computer, and made sure that UAC was turned off, and ran IE as the administrator, and tried using all 3 options Kaseya offers for Video Streaming (WinVNC, K-VNC, and RAdmin), however none of that made any difference.

    Is there anything I am missing? Does K-VNC support 64-bit Operating Systems? Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are considering closing our WebEx accounts and switching over to Kaseya, as we dont use the feature all that often, however we wont make the switch until we are sure we can access 64-bit systems.

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  • I have about serveral Vista x64 systems out there. K-VNC remote control works fine on them. The only thing I know of is that you get dropped if you logout but that seems to happen with Vista x32 too.


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  • I have been having issues with Vista 64-bit workstations. I will have the user start IE as an admin, I will use the K-VNC control. The user says they get the message that the remote session has been established, but I never see a VNC window pop up.

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