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What am I doing wrong?

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    I've got a site where some of the workstations that have an agent on them are everyday creating a new entry in the kaseya portal.

    I.e. the ACCOUNTS machine is listed on day 1, then the next day I have an ACCOUNTS-1 machine that is live, the ACCOUNTS machine is offline.
    The 3rd day, I have two offline machines (ACCOUNTS, ACCOUNTS-1) and one online machine (ACCOUNTS-2).

    Rinse and repeat and now I have ACCOUNTS-12 as online and 11 offline machines (see attached file).

    How do I fix this? Confused

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  • Are you forcing a reinstall of the client through Logon scripts or some such? I've seen that cause this before.

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  • your install package most likely has the following switches " /r /w " and you're probably deploying via GP...

    to fix this you'll need to either
    a) fix your deployment package and redeploy the GP or
    b) be on the ball and delete the vba install scripts from the GP as they show up...

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