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Detect new devices.

  • I am not having much luck using the LAN watch function to detect new devices. Unfortunately, LAN watches sometimes report on devices that are already in Kaseya. Does anyone use another process for detecting new devices?

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  • This is easier for MSPs as we HAVE to track devices anyways, so ALL new windows devices recieve the agent. So the "process" is to manually handle the devices at deployment, for billing and to deploy the agent. As for non-windows boxes, network devices, etc. It is quite a bit harder, and sometimes devices are missed. This is probbaly more difficult in an internal IT solution since devices may be added to the network but not necessarily tracked in Kaseya.

    I'm actually deploying SNMP monitoring today internally, so I can provide more information. I think the biggest problem with SNMP discovery has nothing to do with Kaseya, but ratehr the device responding to SNMP queries. Some devices don't support it, or have it disabled for security reasons.

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