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Report of missing "manual install" patches

  • I need to get a report of all my servers that are missing patches that Kaseya designates as "Manual Install" patches. Can I do this with a pre-defined report? Do I have to use some report writer and access the SQL Database Views? I've tried using Excel Report Builder 6.0 (free download) but I can't seem to define the database correctly. I need things like a server name, logon name and password.

    The help file says...

    will require the name of the database server (usually the ComputerName), the user id (KaseyaViews) and password, and the database schema name (ksubscribers).

    So, what's the ComputerName? Is it my %COMPUTERNAME%? What's the password? How do I setup the System DSN? (I'm a newbie to System DSNs but I do know it's in ODBC in Control Panel).

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  • You can use the built-in reports do get the information you need. Go to Reports - Patch Management. In step 1, select "Show Table of missing patches" and "Show list all machines missing each patch". Ensured nothing else is selected. In step 2, choose "Manual Install Updates" from the drop down menu. In step 3, enter the title for the report. Choose Run in step 4 and it will run on whatever machine group and view is currently selected. Save it for future use once you get it how you want it.

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  • That's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for you kind help. Smile

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