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Due Date Best Practices

  • Can someone point me in the right direction or provide info in regards to how they have their Due Date policies setup within Ticketing? Thanks.

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  • I've got mine set up as defaulting to not set, or 30 days. As tickets come in our Desktop Admin manually assigns them and sets their priorities.

    1 - Urgent - 4 hours
    2 - High - 1 day
    3 - Medium - 3 days
    4 - Low - 7 days
    5 - Conveinent - 30 days

    We track our projects with tickets as well, and have a priority for those with a 365 day due-date.

    If a ticket goes on hold for whatever reason the due-date is changed to 60 days from the ticket creation date, but if the status is changed from hold to open, the due date goes back to following the priority due dates from creation date

    Our biggest gripe is that tickets entered on a Thursday or Friday, tend to go over-due on the weekend, when we only work 8-5 M-F.
    Our desktop admin. generally sets them to a medium, so that's a cushy amount of time to get them taken care of

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  • Thanks for the info.

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