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Tickets from Kaseya to Autotask

  • I've done a search in the forums, and don't see what I need, so if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it very much.

    We are using Kaseya for monitoring and AUtotask for ticketing. We want to have tickets come from Kaseya when Kaseya finds a problem that needs intervention. Our goal is to have round trip closure, which I understand is possible. However, right now, we have some other issues that need to be resolved.

    1. We don't want general alerts (eg x printer queue printet over y print jobs in the last hour), just problems that actually need intervention.

    2. I'd like the alerts to connect to the correct client - currently all tickets coming into autotask are being tagged to the internal client.

    3. Enough information should come in that we can use Autotask rules to automatically process these tickets differently than tickets that clients email.

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  • I too am interested in getting this to work. We have been using AutoTask for a while now and just starting to look at integrating Kaseya into the system (now that we have somewhat tamed the Kaseya beast a bit).

    Like the above poster we only want to know about real points of pain.

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  • Make sure you have the Kaseya Extension turned on in AT and using the correct URL to your K Server. You will also need to purchase Email2DB to parse K tickets.

    I have it setup and working great. Events and Alerts that we've programmed into K trigger a Kticket which passes it to Email2DB then off to AT. Closing the AT ticket closes the Kticket.

    Took me a few tries to get setup but its great once you have it working correctly. Make sure to turn on the K API in your system settings.

    Autotask has great documentation in the help on how to set this up.

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  • In all of the reading about AutoTask I did, they talked about how great the integration is, but never mentioned I had to buy a third party product to make it work. I was a little annoyed when I learned that. AUD$370 is a big ask for an MSP that's just starting out and trying to lower costs. I haven't been able to talk to boss into purchasing it yet.

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