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text log file monitoring

  • Hi

    I'm trying to monnitor a log file on a server (connectwise) for an error. The log file itself doesnt have any format (like a syslog), each line just has the results of a particular stage of the process involved.

    I've created a Log Parser called "CW LOG" which points to the text file, and has in the template box this;


    and underneath Status is defined as a string.

    I then have a parser set applied to my CW box called "404". This says;

    Status contains 404

    I've applied it all to the CW box along with my email address. However I get no alerts. On the Log Monitoring option of the Agent Logs tab for the CW box I see that there are no events, however the text file has loads of 404 occurances.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?


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  • Looking at it, is the log parser even able to parse a file that contains variable content on each line ?

    I mean, if you have a log file with similarly formed entries on each line, it appears to be fine, but as soon as you have a file with, say, a header of text at the start of the file, the parser seems to stop working.

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