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Monitor Ping Time

  • Hi,

    I want to be able to constantly ping an IP address and alert if the response time is over 500ms and occurs 10 time consecutively. I am thinking that the best way would run a ping -t to a .txt file and use the log parser to check it.

    The problem is I have never used the Log Parser before and dont really have any idea, and I am not good with VBscripting. If anyone could help me out that would be great!.



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  • Well not sure what im doing wrong here

    but i found this cool script that pings and outputs a neat log file (not that it is really needed):

    Now I thought I would make a monitoring set like the following:

    $date$ $time$ $ampm$: Reply from $ip$: bytes=$bytes$ time=$ms$ms TTL=$ttl$

    And the paramaters:

    string String
    date String
    time String
    ampm String
    ip String
    bytes Integer
    ms Integer
    ttl Integer

    I assign this to my computer for testing.

    using the following parser set

    ms Over 60

    Alert when this event occurs
    Email to myself
    if it occurs 10 times in 2 minutes
    and ignore other alarms for 5 minutes

    So what I want it to do is check to see if sees MS > 60 within 2 minutes then trigger an email.

    It dont seem to be working.

    IT creates a log in Log Monitoring but not under monitor action log.

    The Log monitoring has the following

    12:37:10 pm 15-May-09 ================================================================================
    15/05/2009 12:30:51 PM: PINGING HOST: [www.telstra.net]
    15/05/2009 12:30:51 PM: Reply from bytes=32 time=61ms TTL=55 SLOW
    string: 15/05/2009 12:30:51 PM: PINGING HOST: [www.telstra.net]
    date: 15/05/2009
    ampm: PM
    bytes: 32
    ms: 61
    ttl: 55
    null: SLOW

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  • Anyone able to help??

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