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Ticket Creation and Organization

  • Gang,

    I'm going crazy, and not sure what I did, so hopefully you all can help.

    I noticed that users were creating Tickets, and we didn't realize it, because they were not being assigned to anyone. Therefore no one got emailed...

    So what I did was > Any ticket > auto assign to me... which I'm semi ok with... but there has to be a better way.

    Now when anyone creates a Ticket I first get this ...has been assigned ticket 0 for by (my name)

    How should I set things up so this doesn't happen, and we can still get alerted for every ticket creation... Thanks in Advance. I know this is a boring one.


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  • Under the ticket notification option select Ticket Creation and put your email address in. I did this with our Desktop Administrator and she gets an email each time a ticket is created and then assigns it out.

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