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Add to knowldge base option?

  • Good morning all,

    My company just started using Kaseya, and so far I'm loving it...just have to figure out a few things. I thought when we were given a demo, that there was an "Add to Knowledge Base" type of option, so that when you finish a ticket, you can click that and search our own company "knowledge base" based off past tickets? Isn't there a way to do that somehow?

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  • The Kaseya version 6 upgrade is coming out soon that includes a Knowledge Base module.

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  • The current version does allow you to do simple ticket searches - look for a [Search] button and text field in upper left of Ticketing->View Summary screen. I use it all the time as a simple knowledge base... If you added some custom fields to your ticketing system, you could end up with a more sophisticated knowledge base. e.g. add a custom field for keywords/tags.

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