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Current User Filter

  • Goal: Create a view that displays servers with current user logged in to assist deployment of application requiring HKCU.

    On my 'Home' tab, when viewing 'view dashboard' I see the count of 'Users Currently Logged In'. I would like a view created with this same list.

    I found the 'Advanced agent data filter' at the bottom of the 'View Defintions'. I tried to use 'Current User' for a filter, however, I'm unsure how to set the filter to basically exclude nulls.

    I tried setting it to : IS NOT NULL
    This just returned all servers(only 1/3 actually have a current user).
    Leaving it as : *
    Returns all servers as well.

    Any quick thoughts is appreciated. This is mostly for testing and educational purposes.

    thanks in advance.


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  • Got it.

    Create your view as follows:

    OS Type: All Servers
    Check the box for Advanced Agent Data Filter.

    Go to Define Filter...
    In the Current User field insert "NOT " that is NOT + 3 spaces

    Click Apply.
    Go back to your page and you will see only machines that have someone logged in.

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  • Thank you.

    I did get ahead of myself and entered it with the quotes. But the image resolved that issue in a hurry.

    Good Work!

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