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  • We would like to use the built in chat feature with our clients but there are some questions I have about making it work the way we want it to.

    We want our clients to click on the chat option on the screen that pops up when they double click the system tray icon, but instead of giving them a list of people they can chat with, how do we set it up so it puts them in a queue and then notifies the next available support tech to pick up the chat?

    If that's not possible, what chat clients (web-based or software based) are recommended and how do you get the client's user ID?

    Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a repeat post.


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  • KChat.zip
    Here's some code in the attachment.

    replace these two files, keep backups of these just in case a hotfix overwrites them.


    1. Rename the following in-use real files from .asp .old just for safe keeping.
    The location is:
    2. Copy the two new files attached to the above path. Rename them from .as_ to .asp, I renamed them for email purposes only, some filters will block .asp files.
    3. Create a public user agent account, disable everything.
    4. Go to Agent – User Access, assign it a public username/password and disable Remote Control and Ticketing.
    5. Go to System, Customize, “Customize the function list first seen by users after logon,” at the bottom you will see the new code from the pages attached:
    6. Disable: (uncheck) Change Logon, Change Profile – this is important because you do not want a guest changing this information!
    7. Beware: All users cannot change their passwords or profile, but do they ever really use this? We manage this for all users now.
    8. Post a chat graphic on your website (like the one attached) configure it to link to your login page, post the guest credentials so the guest can login.
    9. Once the guest logs in, they ONLY see “Logoff” and “Chat.”
    10. They click Chat, then they will see which administrators are on-line, they can now click an administrator and ask whatever they want.
    11. Tip: We store “canned responses” in the notes section of the public user agent account, we copy/paste responses to save on typing!

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