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Migrate 2008 > 2008 SP1 [New Server]

  • We are in the process of installing Kaseya on a new server. Our current server is running 2008. Are there any known issues when migrating data and settings from 2008 to 2008 SP1 since we will be installing 2008 SP1 on the new server? In addition our current server is running SQL 2005 Express and the new server will be running a fully patched SQL 2005. Any known issues to consider here as well? I have reviewed the KB article regarding migrating to a different server but no mention of any issues migrating to a newer version.


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  • I would recommend getting your existing KServer to the same SQL and Kaseya Service Pack level.

    If you restore the databases from SQL Express/Kaseya 2008 to SQL2005/Kaseya 2008 SP1, the required database changes will not be present and the results would be unpredictable.

    Kaseya Support may be able to shed more light on this.

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  • Going from SQL Express to SQL Workgroup/Standard will be fine. Both should be at SP2 anyway.

    For the migration to be as troublefree as possible, both Kaseya servers should be at the same version and hotfix level. I'd imagine restoring a 2008 database to an 2008 SP1 server would end up in a lot of tears and swearing.

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